Summer Holiday Homework

Summer Holiday Homework

New Year 3/4s Badgers Class
Mr. Dallman

We all have things that we love to do, or are passionate about. It might be playing football, it might be watching football, it might be: cooking, running, colouring, drawing, painting, writing, reading, horse-riding, swimming or Lego.

Whatever you are passionate about, create a presentation which you can share with the class in September. Try and choose something that really interests you and you can talk about easily.

You might choose to do a PowerPoint presentation, or you could just do it on a big piece of card. If you are feeling very adventurous, you might want to look at and produce a presentation on this website!!!

Good luck, and I’m looking forward to finding out all about your hidden talents!
Have a great summer and see you in September,

Mr. Dallman.