Art and Science

These are some of the fantastic sketches the children have produced of Stonehenge.

stonehenge drawings 196


stonehenge drawings 189

stonehenge drawings 195

stonehenge drawings 203

stonehenge drawings 202


stonehenge drawings 197

stonehenge drawings 196


We have also been looking at different soil types. This involved looking at the make up of the soil around the school.


soil 045

soil 059soil 080soil 081soil 088soil 090

The children also tested  sand, peat and the soil around the school to see which of the three soils was the most and least permeable.



In the left hand jar in the picture the children spooned in equal measures of sand, peat and soil and then poured in water into a glass jar and shaking it. This was then left to see what happened.

The right hand jar had just soil. Can you see the different levels?

soil jar 2 002



Soil Testing

During science this week we will be looking at different soil types and that they are made from rocks and organic matter. In addition, the children will carry out investigations to see which soil is the most permeable.

The children will also finish off their sketches of Stonehenge. Pictures of them will be on here next week.

Fundraising auction

photo (10)

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Stone Age

Over the last couple of weeks we have been continuing our Stone Age topic work.

During this time we have undertaken hand printing, produced a timeline of the period and written letters from Barney to a friend telling them about the encounter with Stig.

Here are some examples of our work.