The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

As part of our topic on Narnia we will be watching the film. However, it is a PG and therefore I will need your permission to show it to your child or children. I will send out a slip for you to sign if they can watch it.

Many thanks Mr D.


Evacuee Letters

We have received two letters from two ladies who were evacuated to our school during the Second World War.

We would like to write back to them with some some details of their time here.

I was wondering if you can help us?

The first letter was written by Doris Haywood.

She was evacuated in 1939 when she was four years old and her name was Doris Joan White then. She had an eight year old sister called Elizabeth and two brothers named Robert (9 years old) and Charles (11 years old).

Doris and her sister went to stay with Mr and Mrs Cobby and her two brothers with Mr and Mrs Cleaverly.

If possible does anyone know these families as they may have photos or other information?

Doris asked if there was any information such as a register with the other children’s names upon. The furthest back I could find was April 1945.

The other letter was written by Mrs Shirley Vigus . Her maiden name which was Pearman. She was evacuated in 1940 when she was seven or eight years old and lived with the Pettits family at Avenings in School Lane.

I wonder if anyone has any record of her?

Many thanks.