We now have water. Back to the original plan.



Due to the incredibly cold weather conditions we currently have limited water at the school. If you have not yet started your journey please wait until we advise further.

Wednesday 28th February

Now that the road outside the school is clear and there is no further forecast for heavy snow we are confident that it will be possible to open as normal tomorrow (28th Feb).  If the weather changes, however, we will make a further announcement by 7.15 tomorrow morning.
The road and paths may well be icy in the morning so if you feel the need to make your journey a little later we will be happy for children to arrive any time up until 10am.

Playscripts and Letters

The children are currently writing some playscripts based on the characters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

They have also written letters as one of the Pevensie children to a chosen person about their first experiences of being at the Professor’s house. You are most welcome to come and read them as well as look at their artwork.



This week we will be sending off the letters to the Healing Children’s School in Uganda.

Next term we wish to send off our replies to the evacuee ladies. If anyone has any other information we would be very grateful.