About Badgers’ Blog

Thanks for visiting our blog on WordPress.

We are the Badgers class, Year 3 and 4, of Danehill CofE School in Danehill, East Sussex.

Mr. Dallman is our teacher and he will post regularly (every 3 weeks or so) to update you on our learning, explaining what we have been doing as well as showing you some of our best work!

Have an explore, leave a comment, and most of all – ENJOY!

Badgers Class.


2 thoughts on “About Badgers’ Blog

  1. Lucy Macleod

    Hello Mr. D – how do we do a presentation on Prezi on the website please? Is there a special education email address we can use to register for free, and if so, can you share it? Also, how do we upload it here? You are dealing with a 40-something with low new-tech skills! Lucy M.


    1. Apologies for the late reply! You can register for a free account on Prezi here https://prezi.com/signup/public/
      Once you have created the Prezi you can then save it and access it again from school by logging in using the same details.
      It’s a great resource but takes some getting used to. Just have a play and see what you can come up with! My advice would be to use one of the pre-existing templates rather than starting from scratch.
      Hope you’re all having a great summer,
      Mr. W (temporarily standing in for Mr. D) 🙂


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