Church Visit – Wednesday 17th July

For our RE lessons we will be visiting the church on Wednesday morning  to find out about the importance of the Bible to Christians.  During this time we will be outside so if it is a hot day please can you make sure your child has suncream on. If anyone is free to help that would be great. We will be leaving at 11am from the school and coming back at around 12.20am.

Have a lovely weekend.



Well done to all the children for making Sports Day a success. It was great to see them show such determination to beat their totals and times.

This week Y3 have been beginning to plan and write their adventure stories. Again I have been so pleased with the vocabulary used to bring the stories alive.

In maths Year 3 have been identifying and constructing a range of 3D shapes. Year 4 have been looking at 2D shapes and starting to look at symmetry.

In Spanish the children have been translating and learning a poem.

During swimming the children took part in their distance awards. Each child really gave their all to go as far as possible. The Year 4’s who took part last year had a target to beat and each of them rose to the occasion.

On Friday the set about building their desert buggies. They worked so well collaboratively to plan, construct and change their designs as they went.



This week Year 4 have been producing some excellent story writing. It was linked to our Ancient Egypt theme of finding tombs and treasures. The children’s imagination was fantastic and their adventures were in the deserts, jungles or underwater. This time we focused on the story telling element. The children drew out their tombs on huge sheets of paper which had very detailed drawings of the possible dangers awaiting their characters such as poisonous arrows from the walls. We role played how it would be to go through a confined space and what sorts of words, phrases and feelings described this.  The language choices and the use of dialogue have brought the stories alive. I look forward to the same from Year 3.

During maths this week  the Year 3 children have been continuing to tackle time and started focusing on shape and space by firstly looking at 2D shapes. They have now progressed to 3D shapes.

The Lego vehicle making using motors and programing was very successfully.  The final designs should be constructed in the next week.

We have started to discuss the making of their board games and what makes a good one.  Once each group has discussed this over the coming week they will set about constructing them.