Forest School Morning

We all really enjoyed the Forest School yesterday where we got the opportunity to learn about the Stone Age.

During this time the children made paintbrushes from willow and crushed different materials to make paints. Then they used them to produce cave paintings.

During the rest of the morning we looked at the different species of tree in the surrounding area and ground flour to make their own pancake type things.

We were cooked sausages in buns and the children ate their pancake things with honey.

Here are some photos of the morning.



Just a quick reminder of the afternoon.

The children can dress up in clothing of that time.

You can have a go at the children’s quizzes , watch their films, read their poems and do some food tasting.

I was wondering if it was possible for you to bake a recipe from that period?

I am going to produce some items but it would be lovely to have a wider array of possibilities. I have a list if you need it or you can find your own recipe.

If you can could you let me know so I’ve got an idea of how much food we have.

Many thanks.



We are lucky to have the company SO Sussex to come in on the date above and deliver a forest school session.

They will be cooking food like sausages so lunch will not be needed. The SO Sussex people have asked me if any child has any allergies to a particular food so I can tell them. If they have can you come and tell me please.

Can they please come in old clothes with boots and a waterproof as they will probably get a bit messy.  They will need their school uniform for the afternoon and two bags to  put the morning’s clothes and footwear in please.