Spelling List

Here is a copy of the list just in case you need it.

Spellings autumn



Just a quick reminder about the meeting tonight.

If you want to bring your child they can use the hall.

If they want to bring in things to keep them occupied they are most welcome.

This week

Today we did a bit of food tasting of pomegranates and apples dipped in honey as part of our work on Rosh Hashannah. Ask your child why those foods.

The next step is to design their own card for the celebration.

One group today worked together to plan an assembly on the festival using PowerPoint.

Hopefully, if it is sunny we will be able to undertake our shadow stick investigation.

We will be doing PE tomorrow and Thursday afternoon.

Tangmere Trip

It was a great day out at Tangmere. There was so much to look at and we learnt so much.

We are going to use the trip as a stimulus for this term’s work.

Here are some of the photos taken. You can use these as a way to ask your child about the day.

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