School photos – Wednesday 10th Oct

Just a quick remainder that the children’s photos will be taken tomorrow morning.


Harvest Festival


It is great to see the children so enthusiastic about sharing what they have made or what they have found out about their families or friends concerning the Second World War.

Michelle has completed some lovely ‘homework’ about the wartime exploits of Frankie and Emily’s great grandad John Daniel Dwyer, who served in the RAF.

It was great again to have a cake. This time it was a recipe from wartime USA made by Masha and family. It says it is unlike any other chocolate cake. Instead of being smothered in icing or ganache, it is generously coated in thick chocolate custard. It proved extremely popular like yesterday’s cake.





Alfie brought in some artwork of British fighter planes and Lexi used paint pens to create a Spitfire inspired picture.



This week

We are going to undertake two science investigations to do with light this week.

The first one is to identify which objects are transparent, translucent or opaque.

The other investigation is to see which material is best for using as a blackout to help prevent the German bombers locating Grandpa’s house.

On Friday a group of children are going to perform their Rosh Hashanah assembly to Foxes and Year 6.

Thank you to Charlie for the lovely Rosh Hashanah cake she brought in today.